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       Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

How Much Weight GainDuringPregnancy?

As your baby grows, you will gradually gain weight.
The amount of weight you gain during pregnancy is important for  your pregnancy and for the long-term health  your baby. Recent studies found that only about one-third (32%) of women gained the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy and most women gained weight outside the recommendations . Gaining less than the recommended amount of weight in pregnancy is associated with delivering a baby who is too small. may have difficulty starting breastfeeding, may be at increased risk for illness, and may experience  delayed Milestone (late development like teething,talking, walking  for his or her age). Most women gain between 11.5 kg and 16 kg, how much weight you gain is depen on your weight before you were pregnant — if you’re underweight you may need to gain a little more, and if you’re overweight you should gain a little less if you’re carrying twins.

Gaining more than the recommended amount of weight can increases risk of High Blood pressure, Diabetes, Hypothyroidism ,to Mother,also increase  risk of cesarean delivery, and obesity during childhood.
Gaining too much weight during pregnancy increases the likelihood that the baby will have a high birth weight, which can put the baby at risk for obesity and metabolic syndrome during childhood, (Metabolic syndrome is a combination of medical issues that include high blood pressure, diabeties, a large waist circumference and low levels of "good" cholesterol.)

Finally, gaining too much weight during pregnancy also may be associated with preeclampsia,  Preeclampsia is a serious complication that can develop during pregnancy when a woman has both high blood pressure and excess levels of protein in her urine. It can put both the mother and the baby at risk.
weight  gain during pregnancy is based on your body mass index (BMI) before pregnancy.

You Delivered Baby Now what?

After giving birth, the last thing that's likely on a new mom's mind is going on a diet. I tell so many Mother The first month, don't worry about your weight. woman will immediately lose some of the pregnancy weight simply by giving birth  namely, the weight of the baby, the placenta and the amniotic fluid and over the next few weeks, a woman can also expect to lose the weight of the extra fluid in her body that built up during pregnancy. After the fluid is gone, what remains is the extra fat that the woman added during pregnancy.

Tips To Lose weight after pregnancy :

  • Breast Feeding  Breastfeeding offers many benefits for mothers and New born baby — including the potential to lose weight more quickly after having a baby.According To  Research breastfeeding mothers tend to burn on average 500 additional calories daily  which is  equivalent of cutting out a small meal,  60 min physical exercise. Exclusively breastfeeding  for at least 2 year May help you to lose more weight, and help to to Boost your baby Immunity .
  • Do Not skip your meals,with a new baby,many  moms forget to eat.
  • Eat 5 to 6 small meals a day.
  • Eat breakfast.  It will give you energy to start your day .
  • Eat a balanced diet high  in whole grains, vegetables, fruits, low fat dairy, and lean protein.
  • Take Your Meal on Time .
  • Snack try to include foods with fiber and protein to help keep you full.
  • Drink 15 glass of  pure water per day.
  • Avoid Cold drink,soft drink, alcohol, and other fluids with added sugar and calories.
  •  Avoid products with artificially sweeteners.
  • Avoid oily,fried  things.
  • Regular Exercise will help you to lose your weight.
  • Avoid crash Dieting  cause  they will first reduce your weight fast and will gain again.They will probably make you drop pounds at first, but those first few pounds you lose are fluid and will come back.Other pounds you lose on a crash diet may be muscle instead of fat. You will gain back any fat you lose on a crash diet once you return to normal eating.Side effects of crash Dieting is Anemia, Hair loss, Skin wrinkles ,Nutritional Deficiency.
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